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6/8W Motors – 50 Hz

Mahavir’s 6/8W Submersible well pump set are suitable for wells of minimum 200mm or larger in internal diameter. Continuous rating in 5°C to 25°C water as per IEC 60034-1 (Temperature withstanding capacity upto 45°C can be manufactured upon request)

This product is designed for best efficiency and can be best used for Solar Water pumping, Agriculture, Industrial water supply, Pressure boosting, Firefighting, Municipality and water works schemes

Pump set comes with a 2-Pole water cooled and lubricated rewindable type motor with insulation class B and a pump having semi-axial hydrodynamic layout Thus, suitable for operations when completely immersed in water or suitable liquids.

Technical Data

Parameter 3-Phase Model
Rated Voltage 415V AC
Rated Frequency 50 Hz
Rated Speed 2900 RPM
Voltage tolerance -15% to +6%
Protection IP68
Max. Starts per hour 10
Min. Start per month 1
Rotation Anticlockwise
Max. Temperature 33?C
Mounting Standards NEMA Standards
Starting Method Star or Start/Delta
Insulation Class B

Material of Construction

Part Name Material
Upper and lower housing Grey Cast Iron or AISI 304 or AISI 316 or Brass
Motor shaft Chromium Steel
Bearing bush Leaded Tin Bronze
Rotor laminations Electrical Sheet Steel
Rotor conductor core EC Copper or Die Cast aluminum
Stator laminations Electrical Sheet Steel
Stator windings PVC or Polywrap Electro Grade Copper
Breather diaphragm Nitrile Rubber
Thrust bearing Resin & C40 V/S SS 420
Stator casing Stainless Steel Sheet
Cable gland Nitrile Rubber
Cable conductor Electro Grade Copper
Cable insulation PVC or Rubber sheathed

Model De-Code