To become largest pumps manufacturers by providing complete water lifting solutions. To make in India and deliver highest quality products and services to our customers globally. To manufacture More efficient, Durable and Environmentally Friendly products by promoting Renewable energy.


“Adding values to our customer’s business”

The above quote personised the personal philosophy of Mr. Ramesh Shah, the visionary whose untiring perseverance and unflinching enthusiasms resulted in the birth of Mahavir Submersibles Pvt. Ltd. (MSPL) combining his tact & talent, business acumen & professional experience in the pump field. He has made his dream a reality. His zest & zeal for achievements & his toughness in withstanding the trials & tribulations of time have brought his Crown of Glory. Supported by his beloved new generations.

Mr. Parthiv Shah, Mr. Gautam Shah & Mr. Kushal Shah



CIN :U29120GJ2001PTC040108